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White Clean Bathroom — Restroom Services & Products in Detroit, MI
You need your bathroom to be sanitized and odor-free and we can help. If you own a restaurant, the demand is more pressing, as guests are there for pleasant experiences. At General Linen & Uniform Service, we have the products you need. Our restroom service helps you reduce wastefulness, improve sanitation, eliminate on-site inventory and keep a constant supply coming of the products you need most. After all, the facts speak for themselves:
  • About 10 percent of your guests will use your restroom.
  • Approximately 70 percent of customer complaints have some relation to the restroom.
  • At any given time, almost 50 percent of soap dispensers in professional restrooms are empty.
  • In professional settings, about 80 percent of air fresheners don’t even work.
It’s important for you to get help from the professionals at General Linen & Uniform Service to increase your customers experience. Our products include everything you’ll need – from soap and other hand care items to paper hand towels, sanitary tissue and air fresheners.

Ask about the F-MATIC Dry Vapor System

When it comes to odor control, nothing works better than F-MATIC's Dry Vapor System assuring your restroom is odor free. Timed sprays have a dispersal pattern that is not effective and hinders guests ability to breathe well while in your restroom. Drip systems are targeted at toilet smells rather than those that are already airborne, while the F-MATIC combats those problems more effectively in your restroom. The air in the room is circulated across a cartridge containing a solid, fragrant gel and odors are neutralized, while a natural scent is put in their place, causing a lovely fragrance to be in your restroom.

To learn more about the products we have for your restaurant’s restroom, contact General Linen & Uniform Service today in Michigan or northern Ohio. Give our Detroit office a call at (313) 873-5980 to learn more about our restroom services.