Quality Apparel for Cooks & Chefs in Michigan

At General Linen & Uniform Service in Michigan, we have the products that will help your culinary masters stay professional-looking. Not only that but our chef apparel will help your workplace remain sanitized and safe. We offer products that provide the proper fit and function that your employees count on. These textiles promote unity among staff members and help customers distinguish between waiters, chefs, busboys and the management. With our laundering services, you never have to worry about keeping them clean, as we provide pickup and delivery.
Group Of Chef In The kitchen — Chef & Cook Wear in Detroit, MI

Buy Uniforms, Aprons, Butcher Frocks & Coats

As a restaurant owner, you employ a variety of professionals requiring different uniforms and apparel. General Linen & Uniform Service is committed to providing you exactly what works the best for your cooks, chefs and staff members. The products we offer our customers in northern Ohio and Michigan include:
  • Aprons – Our aprons offer comfort and protection. The fabric is soil-resistant and easy to clean. Whether you need pockets or not, we have a design that will work perfectly.
  • Butcher Frocks and Coats – A butcher frock or coat will also easily release soil. This allows your employees to stay clean and stain-free while they are at work. It also keeps the image of your company enhanced.
  • Chef and Cook Apparel – This attire keeps everyone who works in and around the kitchen looking like a professional. We have cook shirts, cook pants and chef coats. Each article of clothing is designed for ultimate comfort.
To learn more about our Linen Service, contact General Linen & Uniform Service today. Give our Detroit office a call at (313) 873-5980 in Michigan or northern Ohio, and let’s discuss the needs you have for better-looking and -functioning cooking apparel.