Business Floor Mat & Mop Service in Michigan

At General Linen & Uniform Service, our floor mat service in Michigan will help your business stay clean and safe. When you have the proper mat service, water and dirt that seem to get tracked in can become trapped, making it easier to keep your place of business clean.
Mop and Bucket — Mat & Mop Services in Detroit, MI
Whether for industrial or commercial use, our mats are perfect for entry ways, hall ways, near drinking fountains, in the break room, in a kitchen and around vending machines. With a non-slip surface, employees and customers are less likely to fall and get hurt in some of these high-traffic areas making your work place much safer. By placing a mat near computers and other machinery, static is significantly reduced, which helps you steer clear of program crashes and paper jams. Our unique products include:
  • Anti-fatigue mats
  • Entrance runners
  • Grease-proof kitchen mats
  • Logo mats
  • Safety message runners
  • Scraper entry mats
  • Static dissipation mats
Additionally, we offer a wet and dry mop service as well as micro fiber mopping systems. Whether to clean up those areas where you don’t have a runner or to dry the area underneath a drainage or kitchen mat, we are committed to the safety of your workplace.

Custom Products for Your Company

For your business, consider custom logo mats to enhance your image. Whether you are looking for a mat service that can help you promote your brand or want something to encourage safety in the workplace, we have you covered in northern Ohio and Michigan. Our unique custom products could include your logo, an important message, the company name or various safety messages so you can place them around the building.

To learn more about the mats we have available, contact General Linen & Uniform Service today. With an office in Detroit, we service northern Ohio and all of Michigan, and we look forward to helping you create a safe work environment. Give us a call at (313) 873-5980, and let’s discuss your needs.