You'll enjoy many benefits if you rent employee uniforms for your restaurant staff. You have the opportunity to fit each employee with clothing that fits their position best without having to commit to a regular purchase. You also have the benefit of having your rented clothing professionally laundered and replaced as items wear out.
Renting employee uniforms gives everyone on your restaurant staff the same overall appearance, which in turn gives your establishment a put-together, consistent appeal in the eyes of your customers. Style and color matters in what your employees wear, so use this guide to help you choose the best professional clothing for your staff.


When in doubt, choose white for your restaurant staff as a main hue. White is a universal tone for work clothing and represents a clean and professional tone. White shirts can be chosen for all employees to create a uniform appeal throughout your crew, from wait staff to cooks.
If you choose to have each department wear a different hue, this can be done by choosing colors that work well with your restaurant's theme. Use your restaurant logo or current decor to help you choose the right color shirts and aprons for your crew (black is a common apron color as it hides wrinkling and stains better than white or other lighter tones).
Common restaurant uniform colors include gray, black, white and other neutral tones. Adding a colored accent to uniforms (as long as it blends with your eatery's overall theme) is a great way to differentiate your business from other restaurants in your area. For example, your staff can wear white shirts and yellow or orange aprons (or any hue that matches your restaurant's logo).


As you can see, you can be versatile with the colors you choose for your employees, but what about style? The goals you should have for restaurant uniforms are comfortable fit, professional appearance and easy care.
Front button-up shirt styles are fashionable and classic, allowing your staff to look their best at all times. A button-up shirt can be rented as a worn-alone piece or combined with a cotton undershirt to add layers and color to your staff uniforms.
Trousers in a solid black hue are a safe option for employee pant wear as they match well with any shirt style and color and carry a professional appeal. Choose cotton or polyester materials that are resistant to stains and wrinkling.
For staff that work primarily in the kitchen, loose cotton slacks are best for air circulation and comfort. Wait staff, table busing help and hosts are free to wear comfortable trousers in a polyester or cotton blend in any hue you choose (khaki and black are popular colors).
Aprons should be rented in a heavy-duty material like polyester or heavy cotton. Talk to your uniform renting specialist to discuss various styles of work shirts, pants, aprons, chef hats and more for your restaurant's needs. You can compare materials to one another based on style, wearability, stain- and wrinkleresistance and other factors.
When you rent uniforms to fit your restaurant staff, you gain more control over how each department presents itself to your customers. You can have each employee custom-fit into a uniform that suits their comfort levels and body best as well as have access to professional cleaning and care.
Your uniform rental company will create a contract with you to determine how many uniforms you need, what styles, how often they need cleaned and will also work with you on replacement items. When you choose General Linen & Uniform Service for your employee dress needs, you choose experts you can rely on. Allow our team to assist you in making your employees look their best today.