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Linen Supplier for Restaurants in & Around Michigan


At General Linen & Uniform Service, we pride ourselves on beautiful, high-quality, clean napkins and linens that enhances your customer's dining experience.  By using General Linen's professionally laundered linen, your customers will be more satisfied with their dining experience.  General Linen provides stylish high quality fabrics that uniquely distingusihes your restaurant as more sophisticated and classy, leading to a lifetime of guests and income for your business.  Additionally, with our services, you are given the extra time you need to focus on your guests and business practices rather than on laundry.

Delivering Excellence

Whether you run a catering company in Michigan or a dining establishment in northern Ohio, our linen and laundry service will help you stay on top of business. We offer various patterns, sizes and colors, and we will help you choose the exact linens that will set your establishment apart from any others.

At General Linen & Uniform Service, we deliver excellence in a variety of colors that are vibrant and rich, and your customers will enjoy the look and feel that they have come to expect every time they visit your establishment.
With our office located in Detroit, serving SE Michigan. Take advantage of the services you can find at General Linen & Uniform Service by contacting us today to get started. Simply give us a call at 877-411-5599, and let’s discuss the needs you have for restaurant or health-care-medical-linens.

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