A professional kitchen needs a team of chefs with different levels of experience, skill, and responsibility who work together to prepare quality food. Chef uniforms are designed to meet that same level of professionalism with features that promote comfort and safety. This information may help you understand more about the different types of chefs as well as what components make up a chef uniform.

Kitchen Hierarchy

The leader of the kitchen team is the executive chef, who is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the kitchen. Under the executive chef is the head cook, also known as the sous chef. In addition to the executive and sous chefs are other specialty chefs such as the saucier, station chef, and fish, vegetable, meat, fry and pantry cooks. The line cook is the entry-level position where most every other chef begins in the kitchen. Not every restaurant has a team this varied or large, and they may also have a pastry chef, whose different culinary training focuses on desserts and breads.

A Professional Uniform

Chef’s whites are still the standard when it comes to kitchen attire because they symbolize cleanliness and professionalism. The typical uniform incorporates:

  • Long-sleeved coat
  • Apron
  • Pants
  • Shirt
  • Head covering

Chefs stick to their uniform to protect them from injuries from burns, cuts and spills while preparing food.
Chef uniforms can be customized by role in the kitchen as well as by restaurant. Call General Linen & Uniform Service at 877-411-5599 to learn more about chefs and their uniforms.