Sometimes the simplest things can make a significant difference in morale and solidarity among your staff. It may be that your team just needs something to bring them together and make them feel as though they are working toward a common goal.
Whether your establishment would benefit from a quality uniform service or annual retreat, consider these ways to foster and promote connectedness and morale among those that work for you.


Enlisting the expertise of a reputable uniform service can help connect the members of your team. There are many benefits to having a standard uniform, for example, if your employees all wear shirts with your businesses name, then your customers will know who to talk to for help.
By providing a standard uniform, you can ensure that staff appears professional and neat, and you can also eliminate the costs and burdens of purchasing work clothing for your employees, which they will appreciate.
Make sure the uniforms are comfortable and functional so your employees will enjoy wearing them.


Organize and facilitate team meetings to keep your staff in-the-know about recent changes, exemplary performers and information that is useful and relevant to their job. Make your team feel like they are valued and part of the business by involving them in events and gatherings that are pertinent to the future of your company.
Better yet, plan a weekly team meeting to hear feedback, voice concerns and recognize members.


Another way to get your team to work together is through open communication. This eliminates the ambiguity and rumors that can circulate when staff are left in the dark to speculate on situations that could be confusing or mysterious. Be honest, direct and open with your team, this will earn loyalty and create a bond between those working for you.


Don't underestimate the value of mutual respect when it comes to workplace morale, and making staff members feel connected is part of this. Treat your staff as you want to be treated, and don't tolerate rude or poor behavior among your colleagues. 
Make sure you provide managers and supervisors with the leadership skills and training needed to unite and motivate the team toward progress and productivity.


Another way to bring a bunch of people together is a company retreat. Take the entire team out of the corporate setting to teach skills related to working on common goals. These seminars and events often involve team-building exercises in a fun way, which may seem like a reward for your hard-working staff.
Put some of your focus on aspects such as food and promotional products to treat your team to a token of your appreciation for their service to your business.


Make sure that you are not overlooking in-house talent when looking to fill positions in your company. Try to promote from within and provide opportunities to team members that already work for you. If your employees see that promotions within your company are possible they may be more inclined to keep working for you because they know they have a future with your company.
Providing opportunities to your employees can help your staff feel appreciated and invested in what you do as well as how successful your company is overall. 


Civic engagements and community functions are great ways to foster solidarity and create a united-front among your staff, employees or team. Donate time to charity, volunteer at a local shelter or encourage donations to a worthy cause. Organize fundraisers or advocate for something that your business believes in.
Create opportunities for your valued staff to give back, and model altruistic behavior to earn their loyalty, trust and respect.
Use these strategies to bring your team together. When looking for a quality uniform service, choose an experienced vendor like those at General Linen & Uniform Service. We have worked with those in hospitality for years and we can ensure a wide variety of uniforms and prompt attention to you and your needs.