The entry point of any business is a germ-ridden place that requires extra attention. Think about it: Hands containing germs from the outside world grip the door handles to the doors of the business. Smudges cover the glass. Dirt, grime, and filth of every pair of shoes is tracked into the entry threshold of your business. The mats on the floor of your company are there to contain the dirt and somewhat clean the footwear of your customers. Invariably the mats become crusty and filthy in short order. Beyond the mats, the lobby, hallways, and floors of heavily trafficked areas require nightly mopping for cleanliness standards.
General Linen & Uniform Service provides mat and mop cleaning services to keep your business clean, healthy, and looking tip-top. Here’s how it works: Our crew includes your building on our route, picking up the sodden mop heads and dirty mats while providing you with clean ones. We then repeat the schedule, as you feel necessary, on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis.

The condition of your building speaks volumes of how you treat your customers and how you conduct business so make a great impression! Call us today to discuss your cleaning needs.