Owning a catering business is an excellent career choice. You have the opportunity to serve a wide variety of guests with your services and get to impress your patrons with your decadent meals, superior catering services and stunning venue decorations.

When you have various clients you serve who each have their own desires for decor and presentation, you want to make sure you and your catering staff always look professional. The best way to do this is to have uniforms that best match the type of venue you are hosting so even the smallest details are glamorous and fit themes smoothly.

Consider renting your catering uniforms rather than buying them outright for your staff. Here are four reasons why renting uniforms is a terrific move for your catering business.

You Receive Clothing That Fits

The way uniform renting works is simple: you submit a request for a certain number of tops and pants along with other uniform accessories, such as aprons and hats. The request comes along with sizes needed, which you can get from each of your staff members who will be involved in upcoming catering services.

You receive clean, pressed clothing that fits each staff member appropriately. If for some reason a uniform requested does not fit the way it should, your uniform rental company can switch out pieces for a new size for a small fee.

You Can Customize Uniforms per Venue

When you rent uniforms for you and your staff, you can change the color and design of each uniform based on the event you are catering. If you need to have black-tie uniforms for your employees, there is no need to rush out and buy new work wear. If your client wishes for all of your staff to be dressed casually or have a certain hue associated with their uniforms, this need can be met as well.

Talk to your uniform rental company about the different styles of work pieces they carry and what their fees are for renting various uniforms at a time. As you plan your catering services per client needs, you can order the best uniforms for each venue in advance so they are ready when you need them.

You Don't Have to Worry About Laundering

When you rent uniforms rather than buy them, you and your staff don't have to worry about laundering professional clothing once they are worn. Your uniform rental company will deliver clean items to you and remove them when the contracted rental time is up so they can launder them for you. This benefit allows you to continue running your business successfully without worrying about whether the uniforms your staff are wearing are clean and presentable.

You Can Change Your Rental Contract as Needed

The versatility of a uniform rental contract allows you to save money by taking the guesswork out of how many uniforms you need. If you take on a few temporary staff workers to handle a large job, simply call your uniform rental service to have new sizes added to your contract. If you are in a slow season or simply have fewer employees to dress, you can remove orders from your contract as well.

Since your catering business is always fluctuating, it can be hard to know what types of uniforms to order for your staff or how many work pieces you need for each venue. Hiring a uniform rental service to provide you the pieces you need when you need them is a great way to stay in business without spending more time than you need to on outfitting your staff. Call General Linen & Uniform Service for all your uniform rental and cleaning needs. We are happy to assist you.